From the classical training of my childhood and teens to stages across the Canada and the US, I offer musical services ranging from production and recording, to live performance and touringA link to my discography is also there. I invite you to scan through the list, you'll recognize many of the artists. 


With 35 years experience in radio and television broadcasting, I have a broad skill set that spans the on-air, creative and technical aspects of the media industry. Put my skills to work for you to independently produce your podcast, radio/TV creative, edit video, or provide pro narration/hosting for your next new media or broadcast project.


Pro photographic services including DSLR video, video editing, aerial photo, 

event, sports, real estate, architectural/industrial, landscape/environmental, 

documentary and portrait photography. My photos have been featured in magazines, websites, on CDs & posters, book covers, schools and in homes of print collectors in Canada, US & Europe. Examples on my Photo page.

Multi-Platform Content Creator